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Van Ventures: Lamington National Park

river hazel

Technology is not my friend; I’ve just spent the good part of the last three hours writing this blog post TWICE. I’d written it up beautifully and as I hit publish; the internet cuts out and the posts disappear. (This time round I’ve written it out elsewhere and copy pasted it into the bit where blogs go.) So I guess here goes, again…

It’s the place I go to clear my head and gather inspiration. In fact, O’Reilly’s / Lamington National Park is the original place that sparked my imagination for Hazel and Herb. Dan and I took a few days to re-coup and find some creative inspiration in the forest. 

Our first night was spent close to home, in Canungra (which is just as well as we had to trek home the next morning as I’d forgotten a few things - I’m not great at being organised.) After that little mishap we headed on up to O’Reilly’s and did two of the smaller hikes; Morans Falls and Python Rock for sunset.

I’m really not lucky when it comes to catching good sunsets. When I say I’m unlucky, I truly mean it. Whenever theres a ‘winner’ sunset I’m either nowhere near my camera or on the road, unable to stop and capture it. I guess that might be a sign from the universe, huh?

On the second day we completed my favourite, favourite, favourite hikes up there; the Tooloona Creek circuit (but backwards.) I like doing it the other way around as it helps keep me motivated to keep going. I enjoy having all the waterfalls to look forward to, followed by a short(er) walk to the campground. 

Everywhere you look there is something new and exciting that catches your eye. The mossy-coated trees, countless waterfalls and great vistas make the 17km+ hike well worth it. 

I mean just look at that! How could you not fall in love? And look at that sweet smiley face of the dude that had to carry the heavy bag and put up with my constant moaning because I wore 'proper' shoes for the first time and now have blisters. 

I'm sure its not hard to imagine why this is the place that has inspired so many of my creations. This place is an absolute visual feast, even the bark on the trees is an inspirational colour palette. 

I've done this walk a thousand times (thats probably a *bit* of an over-exaggeration) and it never, ever ceases to amaze me. To share my favourite place with Dan and for him to enjoy it so was a marvellous experience. If you're close enough to get out there and able-bodied enough to do the bigger hikes, I highly recommend them.