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Meet the Maker: Olive Ceramics

river hazel

In my next life I'd like to learn pottery. There's something so magical about crafting such beautiful pieces out of the earth, literally. 

I visited another local artist for this feature; Olive Ceramics who lives exactly three minutes away from me. It really is so cool living amongst such talented people, and I love that this little project is allowing me to meet so many of them.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Emma from Olive Ceramics and I make aesthetically beautiful functional ceramic tableware. 

What is your favourite thing about your art?

Where to start.. I love the whole process, start to finish. From wedging the clay for wheel throwing to sanding the stoneware for the finish product... but if I had to pick one favourite thing it would be test glazing, seeing what stoneware reacts with what glaze. 

Do you work on your art full time or have another job?

I am a part time potter and part time dental nurse up here on Tamborine Mountain. I am very lucky because I really enjoy both my jobs! 

Can you describe your workflow?

I have a small studio attached to my home that my wonderful soon to be husband built for me where I throw all mugs, bowls etc, I also commute down to Mudgeeraba every Monday where I work with a slab roller, glazing and firing. 

Both are wonderful places for different reasons. When I am at home its just me, my dog and some music, throwing at my own pace, but down in Mudgeeraba its where other potters come together and its a really inspiring place to be seeing what other wonderful people are also making with clay. 

What inspires you / what has influenced you most?

I am inspired by so much, everyday. I am constantly learning new things about ceramics and my style is ever changing. I am obsessed with grand designs and we are currently doing a full reno off our home so i am loving raw materials like polished concrete floors and solid timber tables.. So you might see some timber filtering through some of my newer pieces in the coming months. 

At what point did you realise this wasn’t a hobby anymore?

When I had so much beautiful tableware at home and I was still obsessed with making more, I literally could not fill any more ceramics in my cupboards. I still love it just as much as when I first started. Its a really lovely feeling to share your passion with other people so I started on instagram then moved to an online store. 

What’s one of the greatest challenges you face as a small business owner?

Ceramics take a lot of time to make and they can be very temperamental at times. It can be hard because I make a lot of products to order, It can take me anywhere between 4/6 weeks to make a simple set of 4 plates. As a small business owner I find people forget that it is a handmade product so patience can run thin with some. A simple reminder that good things take time and alot of care to arrive to you in one beautiful piece, but the wait if always worth it ;) 

You can view more of Emma's gorgeous work (or even make a purchase!) on her website or Instagram. (