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Meet the Maker: May Hunt

river hazel

I'd describe myself as a very textile person. I'm really big on different textures and very fussy about the way things feel. When I came across 'May Hunt' on Instagram I just knew I had to ask them to be one of my feature artists. I'm sure from this shoot you'll see why...

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Kiki, my business is May Hunt and I'm a textile artist. I create wall weavings, woven cushions and woven wearables. I also spun a lot of my own yarn to incorporate into my weavings. 

What inspired you to create your art / how did it all begin?

I have always followed a creative path, but I remember being about six and walking around the house with a notebook sketching designs for fabric. I would stare at the curtains in my childhood bedroom and think how cool would it be to design fabric for a living! 

How long have you been selling your art?

 About a year and a half.

Growing up, what did you aspire to be?

A fabric designer, fashion designer, interior designer, artist, novelist and ballerina. Maybe I'll get through them all (though not the ballerina). 

Whats your favourite thing about your art?

There are two: I love being able to take a ball of fluff and through the process of spinning and weaving turn that into something that can be worn or used like a pillow. It's endlessly satisfying and intriguing to me. And also the fact that it connects me to history, creating in a way that has been done for thousands of years. It's such a transient thing too, textiles, not many ancient examples exist but when they do it shows just how sophisticated we were thousands of years ago, being able to create cloth very fine is a very high skill. 

What’s currently the most popular item in your shop?

The pillows are always a favourite but I'm finding more people are asking for bigger feature wall hangings as well. 

Do you work on your art full time or do you have another job?

I'm a stay at home mum. I took up weaving as a hobby to help with some post natal depression and it's been very healing. Prior to weaving I was in the wedding industry doing floristry. Though creative I found it too restrictive and judgemental. I wanted to be able to just make something wholly from my soul and if people liked it or not it didn't matter. 

At what point did you realise this wasn’t a hobby anymore?

When I made my first sale I thought there could be a business here, but really I would like to continue to think of it as a hobby. It's more fun that way. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue becoming a full-time artist?

Once you start creating for an exhibition or a show or for sales, try very hard to keep that flow from your soul to your creation. When your logic creeps in and you start creating for profit or just for quantity, it ruins the purity of what you're making. 

Did you always want to pursue a creative career path?

Absolutely there has never been another option. 

You can view more of Kiki's beautiful work on her website or via her Instagram page. (