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Handcrafted Australian botanical keepsakes. Made with love on Tamborine Mountain.

Meet the Maker: Cedar + Stone


Meet the Maker: Cedar + Stone

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"Plant Based Skincare company with a firm ethos on minimising harsh chemicals onto ourselves and into our environment." I'm sure you can tell right from the first line on their website bio why I chose Cedar + Stone. You can't go wrong with a vegan, chemical free beauty product line in my eyes, especially not when you team it with such beautiful humans behind the brand.

I spent the morning photographing the girls in their beautiful studio, the minute you step in there your nose does a happy-dance, I swear! 

What do you do?

We're Kate and Keri, we have a natural, vegan skincare company called Cedar + Stone.  We are based in Northern NSW.  We manufacture the products in-house and ship worldwide.  Our range has over 60 products and we are just in love with our Alchemy range thanks to our amazing Artist Rachel 'Pony Gold' Urquhart who draws all the sketches for it.  That range has taken on a mind of its own and is making its way into all sorts of demographics, homes and walks of life.  

What is your favourite thing about your business?

Well firstly a major favourite is that Kate and I are that are in the office together are best friends, so with every day usually comes giggles with tears streaming down our faces and immature acts of thinking we are funny, but to everyone else outside of our bubble we probably aren't.   Also doing what we love!  Theres nothing more satisfying than knowing our customers aren't putting any nasties on their bodies.  We are in a position of personal self power when we can teach people how important that is.  Oooo a fun favourite is that at anytime you can receive a life changing call or email.  Sounds overboard but it happens!  Plus a bonus is that we always smell nice because we work with essential oils every day.  Thats gotta be a favourite.  Theres actually too many favourites to list so, to be continued...?

Do you do your own thing full time or do you have another job?

C+S is our full time job, sometimes/mostly more than full time... Other than our other 'job' as mothers with tribes of kids that are always floating around with sandy feet and salty hair.  This company consumes us.  Its a great thing to know that we don't feel overwhelmed with being consumed in this business.  Its what I suppose you would call your passion.

At what point did you realise this wasn’t a hobby anymore?

Umm, when one tonne of salt arrived for one order for me to make scrub in my thermomix.  Yes, we still use only one thermomix to mix, blend and make a lot of our products.  Its even hard for us to believe this.  Its a trooper, we should really name it, well we do call it the Thermie.  Any ideas out there? ha.  Another 'WHHAAATTT??!!' moment happened 3 months after the business started, we received an email from Urban Outfitters in the USA with an order.  It went from hobby to full blown business pretty quickly! 


What inspires you / what has influenced you most?

This feels like it could be a never ending answer.  This changes daily but ill blurt some inspirations out now - music, scents, visions, salty air, the ocean of course, my gosh the sun!, travel, reading, books, humans, seed pods, children, colours, fabrics, crystals, cooking, eating, flowers, art, waves, healing modalities, yoga, intuition, did I say travel?  Sooo sooo much inspires us.  We had a conversation in the office today about how weird/inspiring the world is when you really think about most things in depth.  Like a strawberry has approx 200 seeds on the outside of only 1 strawberry, so that means that 200 strawberry plants can come from just one strawberry!!! What an intelligent creation!  Thats inspiration to us.  Just a mini insight into how some of the girls at C + S brains work.  Needless to say the conversation is never boring x

What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue becoming self-employed?

There is ALWAYS boring paperwork with nearly everything you do, so just do it and don't procrastinate.  You will have hard days or weeks where you are tired or there feels like no movement.  Stick with it, keep at it, just keep being active in your business and by the law of attraction movement will come your way.  Look after yourself.  Theres no fun in burning out.  Trust your gut.  That is the only way we make decisions in Cedar and Stone.  Intuition overrules EVERYTHING else.  We do check in with our brain/mind in decisions but if intuition is overruling it always is the way we go.  Find your tribe in business so you can bounce and learn off each other.  They will help you and share your 'wins' with you.  You will always make mistakes, its alright it happens, we are humans.  Today we picked up labels from our printer and found a mistake on the label and it had been quality checked by two people.  It happens, it's alright, move on.  We did in about 2 mins, then we lunched. x

Whats something people might not know about your business?

We are doing a charity soap collection and $2 from each soap sold will go towards different charities. It's our way of giving back as a conscious business. To us a business that sees, honours, and celebrates the essential interconnected nature of all human beings and all life maximises human potential and helps create a world that works for all of us. We Are One with humanity and all of life. In line with this reality, we make sure that we contribute to a healthy environment and improve human wellbeing wherever possible. This is a small step toward that vision.

At the moment we are doing a Ginger, Lime and Coconut soap that will be available exclusively on Nourished Life and our own website - $2 from each soap sold will go to the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) in Borneo. You can see Popi on the front of the soap who is one of the COP babies. So cute! 

We are also doing another charity soap that will be available on our website and available for retailers to purchase for Shree Mahendra Jyoti Basic School which is at the foot of Mount Everest in Nepal. We plan to do a few soaps per year for all different charities.

You can find out more about Cedar and Stone or purchase any of their scrumptious products on their website or through their social pages on Facebook or Instagram. (