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Handcrafted Australian botanical keepsakes. Made with love on Tamborine Mountain.

Meet the Maker: Lunalight


Meet the Maker: Lunalight

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Supporting small business, and especially fellow creatives, is so very important to me. This passion now has an outlet; Monday's Meet the Maker! Once a week, on a Monday (how'd you guess?) I'll share an artist that inspires me, a little look into their world and their work. 

To begin this project I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather have as my first feature. Lunalight Jewellery is an ethical, beautiful brand of handcrafted jewellery by my friend, Charlotte. Charlotte was a given to me, and I'm sure you'll see why. 

We spent a day dancing around in her sun-drenched studio, Charlotte crafting away to the sweet tunes of Ella Grace. 

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Charlotte and I am the Mother of Lunalight Jewellery! I was born in England and moved to Australia in 2007 where my little home studio is set up. I live a plant based life style, love all animals great and small.

I'm very passionate about the planet and aim to make as little of an impact as possible in both my business and personal life. Within Lunalight I aim to use as many recycled & recyclable products as possible. All my products are Vegan, meaning I use zero animal products or by-products within the materials, studio, design and packaging. I also use as little chemicals as possible and reduce my use of electric tools as much as possible during the creative process. 

What inspired you to create and how did it all begin?

I actually got inspired by other artist’s & looking at what they created and being in awe and super curious as to how they made it. One day I saw this ring set and my instant thought was I need to know how to do this, the rest of the day I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I researched and found a local class! I did a two day introductory course into Silversmithing and just like that I was hooked, and self taught my self the rest of the way! At the time I was working as a Dental Assistant, and so I scraped up all my spare money to buy by first silver smithing tools. I practiced, I failed and I succeeded, I failed again, but I kept going.

I created a “Vegan” ring and shared it on a vegan page on Facebook & the feedback I received was so encouraging that I decided to start selling them. I chose to dive straight into the deep end and open up a business and thus Lunalight was born. Within a few weeks I was making enough sales and began exploring stone setting. I gave the dental job my resignation and became self employed. It was quite a nerve-wracking thing to do, but I luckily have such a loving partner who has supported & believed in me the whole way, along with a great support network of amazing women. It has been a fun, rewarding, challenging, hard & amazing journey and I would do it all over again!

What is your favourite thing about your craft?

The constant flow of creativity; being able to dream something up in my mind and then create it! I have full freedom to chase my dreams, no rules just me, myself and my little studio. Oh and the fact that I get to spend every day with my three little fur babies at my feets! Having a studio from home is very rewarding, I love being able to take little tea breaks and enjoy puppy cuddles whenever I want. I’m expecting my first baby in 20 weeks and the fact that I will be able to continue my business whilst being a mumma is an added bonus too. 

What’s currently the most popular item in your shop?

Everybody is always drawn to Moonstones & Labradorite, I think it is because of their dreamy, rainbow glow! The Dainty Mystical/Selene rings have been consistently popular from the very beginning. And of course the Necklaces - Moon & Stars. 

What’s one of the greatest challenges you face as a small business owner?

There are many, but I think it all depends on your approach. There are times when I get big creativity blocks, loose motivation, question everything I’m doing, but I try to be gentle on myself and start on something small until it comes back to me. You also only have yourself to rely on which can be challenging when personal issues arise or sickness hits, but its all worth the in the end.

Do you have any advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue becoming a full-time artist?

Go for it! Everything you need is within you, if you want something enough and put time and love into it you can create magic!


And lastly, leave the readers of this with something that might inspire them - 

Do more of what makes you happy! 

Love & Light, Charlotte.

You can find out more about Charlotte or purchase one of her gorgeous creations on her website or by following her Instagram (