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Handcrafted Australian botanical keepsakes. Made with love on Tamborine Mountain.

Custom Orders Frequently Asked Questions

Custom preservation of flowers, ashes and other precious mementos.


Customs & Keepsakes

Immortalise your special memories with a custom keepsake. For those within Australia, I am able to receive your special mementos (flowers, stones, hair, ashes, teeth etc.) and turn them into beautiful  wearable or practical pieces of art. 

A unique way of allowing you to create a tangible memory. These keepsakes give you the option of keeping your desired amount of cremation ashes, a lock of hair, or fur (human or animal), flowers from a funeral service, birth, wedding or special occasion... or any other precious memento safely inside a beautiful piece.


Do you work with flowers that aren't fresh? Will they still work?

Yes! There is no age limit on the items you include. The only difference is that they may not be as vibrant as your fresh flowers. Ideally the flowers would be sent the next business day following the event, however I am still able to work with them if this isn't possible. If you have any concerns, please email me an image of the flowers. The preservation process will not restore the colour of dried flowers, but it will protect them and ensure you have a lasting memento. 

Please note that all flowers are dried or preserved in some way prior to setting inside resin. The reason I prefer to work with fresh blooms is that over the years I have developed my own preservation process. Not all flowers will preserve the same, so please continue reading to the bottom of this page as I cover flowers that do not work below.

I’d like to store my flowers and send them at a later date, how can I preserve them?

If for whatever reason you’re unable to send your flowers to me immediately after the event, you can either press or dry them. For best results drying your flowers, I recommend hanging them upside down in a cool, dry room. You’ll need to check on them every so often. Please avoid using any chemicals/sprays which are recommended online, as they will react badly with the resin, potentially causing your flowers to turn black or the resin to not set. I personally prefer to dry my flowers out for a minimum of 6-8 weeks to ensure they will not change once set in resin.

Do you work with items other than flowers?

To a point, yes. I can work with ashes / cremains, teeth (human or animal), fur, hair, feathers and bone. I can also work with fake flowers, depending on their size. I do not work with breastmilk, blood or other bodily fluids. 

How do I order?

You can order items directly through my shop, click HERE to have a look. 

What is the process?

As soon as your order has been placed, an automated email will be sent to you with instructions for posting your precious mementos to me. Once I receive the parcel, I will log it into my system and create a labelled box for it in my studio. If your order contains flowers, I will begin preserving these right away (this is a lengthy process and will depend on the type of flower. I have a few different methods; drying, pressing and silica gel.) Once preserved, I encase the flowers inside the resin and then leave it to cure. Once cured, the pieces are moved to the sanding area and are then hand sanded and polished before being gently packaged up and shipped back to you.

How do I send my items to you? 

Once you have paid for your custom order, I will email postage instructions, along with my address. My address is only to be used for postage purposes, for security & insurance reasons I do not accept drop-offs. 

What is the pricing for customs?

All pricing is dependent on the items ordered, you can view and purchase custom items HERE.

I want something that is not available on your shop?

If an item is unavailable/sold out (or not listed) on my store, I am unable to create it at this time. 

Will the flowers/inclusions change colour?

Prior to setting the items in the resin, there might be changes to the colouration of the items. (For instance white blooms may yellow/brown and roses tend to brown.) However once set, and when cared for appropriately (avoiding direct sun exposure, perfume or other alcohol based products) the pieces will retain their colour. A soft cloth can be used to buff the piece and bring out its original shine.

For most flowers (not including natives) you can expect the result to be similar to flowers that have been dried or used in potpourri. Each flower will react differently, so your resulting pieces will always be unique and full of character. The preservation does not always allow for the final pieces to look like the fresh flowers, but it does mean that you are able to keep the flowers forever, rather than them decaying further.

How many flowers will I need to send?

The more the better, but I'd usually say that roughly a handful per piece (earrings and other smaller items will take less.) I prefer having more options to work with. Where possible, I will always return leftover flowers (please note this cannot be offered to those in a quarantine state, so hold onto any flowers you may like to keep!)

If you are particular about which flowers you'd like to be used in pieces, please do not send the whole bouquet. Alternatively, if you have a vision about what you would like, package the flowers separately with a note explaining the pieces you'd like them used in. If this is not done, I will assume you trust my creative judgement.

Are there flowers that don’t work?

Definitely! Not all flowers preserve well or sit well inside resin. I haven’t worked with all flowers, but as a rule of thumb, natives work best and flowers that are naturally quite dry in texture will be the easiest to work with and will hold their colours best. If you have any concerns, please send me a photo (or flower list) prior to ordering. If you are still concerned that your flowers won’t preserve well - dry them out yourself & then decide whether you’re happy with the result.

If you are unsure on the size of your flowers, please read the measurements of the pieces or contact me. If the flowers are larger than the specified measurements, I will either have to crush them or use only petals. 

  • Roses are too large to be used in any of the pieces - they also tend to brown/yellow depending on their colour. I will not work with roses unless they are mini/spray roses. If you need clarification, please send through a picture.

  • Yellow / White Lithianthus flowers yellow and in some cases turn green, depending on growing conditions and age (pink and purple are *generally* ok.)

  • Proteas are too large, but petals can be used. Please send petals, not the whole flower (this will also save on your postage costs.)

  • Orchids and Lillies are too delicate and tend to turn black.

  • Dusty Miller & Hypericum berries turn black.

  • White Chrysanthemums turn yellow/brown.

  • Succulents are not able to be used (they will turn black or grow mould.)

  • Daisies tend to go brown (even the darker colours.)

  • Peonies are generally too large for any pieces, but petals can be used.

  • Lavender and Jasmine turn brown / yellow, I do not recommend using these flowers.

  • Snapdragons and Foxgloves cannot be used.

  • Carnations are too large & tend to brown/yellow. I can use petals from these.

If any of the above flowers are sent to me for an order, I will presume you have read this page & are aware of the changes that may occur to your flowers during this process. There is no way to guarantee that non-native flowers will hold their colour, so please familiarise yourself with this list and email me if you have any concerns. These are organic, natural items and this does mean that each piece will be different to the next. There will be absolutely no refunds or exchanges on customs due to unavoidable changes to the flowers / inclusions during the preservation process (or flowers on the above list being sent for use.)

Are you able to provide inclusions?

In the event that you do not have flowers / inclusions of your own to send, I will gladly source them for a minimal fee.