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Handcrafted Australian botanical keepsakes. Made with love on Tamborine Mountain.

Handcrafted botanical jewellery & keepsakes

Unique jewellery and keepsakes with real Australian flowers inside.

Wattle Faceted Pendant

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Wattle Faceted Pendant


Made to order: each piece will be unique. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for production. 

A striking faceted pendant with real Wattle (Acacia fimbriata) flowers encased inside. The flowers are collected from local trees and then carefully preserved and turned into beautiful jewellery. 

Wattle is symbolic of unity. It is an Australian native and is Australia’s national flower. It is a genus of Gondwanian origin, being on this land for 35 million years.
Wattle or Acacia species are the largest genus in the Australian native flora, followed by eucalyptus. Found in every state and territory, there are about 1,000 different species of wattles that have been described for Australia. It is also almost in every ecosystem in the country, from rainforests to mountain areas, to deserts, even sand along the beaches.  More great information on Wattle can be found: here.

Handcrafted with love in my small mountain studio, the pendant hangs on a sterling silver 45cm (18 inch) chain. Pendant measures 2.1 x 1.9 cm

Due to the handmade nature of this jewellery, some slight imperfections such as bubbles and bumps may occur, but are unique characteristics of the pieces. As each piece is completely made by hand, each will have their own unique beauty and may differ slightly from the images provided. Truly artisan jewellery, for individuals that love one of a kind pieces, unable to be found elsewhere. 

Please note that whilst resin is strong & durable, it should be treated with care as it can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. For long lasting use please keep jewellery out of direct sun exposure & do not wear in water.

The pendant comes beautifully packaged in a kraft box, as per photographs. This is perfect for gifting (or storing your jewellery in when not in use.)

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